Bloodsucking Mira Comes To Killer Instinct Season 3 This Week


The latest addition to Killer Instinct‘s character roster is due to be released later this week, developer Iron Galaxy has announced. The teaser trailer for the bloodsucking Mira (above) was released over the weekend at PAX East, giving fans a proper first-look at what type of playstyle they can expect from the vampire.

It looks like Season 3’s newest fighter is set to be a fast-paced, combo-heavy brawler, able to get in close to her opponents by way of some neat tricks. One such ability enables Mira to lob a group of bats at her opponent in the form of a projectile, just one of which can disperse an incoming fireball – à la Jago – and enable her to move in for a combo before they can react.

Along with that effective tool, it appears that Mira also has a mid-air grapple as her anti-air, and a low-hitting shadow attack that bypasses standing and neutral moves. In fact, the trailer displays several match-ups that aim to show Mira’s versatility, and she looks almost like a combination between Sadira and Maya, the latter of which is her sister.

With the release of Mira later this week, Killer Instinct Season 3’s roster will include Rash, Arbiter, Tusk and Kim Wu, and with Gears Of War‘s General Raam reportedly in the works, that leaves just two characters to fill the remainder of Season 3’s characters.

Who’s next? It’s got to be more Killer Instinct veterans, surely.

Source: VideoGamer