Bungie Describes Destiny’s Latest Update As “The Biggest Yet”


In a weekly blog post, Bungie has labelled the recently-released patch for its share-world shooter Destiny as “the biggest yet.”

Weighing in at 2.2GB in size, the update introduced an array of bug fixes in the studio’s space-faring adventure, all the while preparing the servers for the release of The Dark Below expansion in a couple of weeks.

“Update 1.0.3 was our biggest yet. We hit every major system that makes Destiny work with new content or bug killing agents.”

Perhaps the most enticing feature about this week’s patch — which went live across all platforms on Monday — is the return of the Iron Banner multiplayer event. Though many Guardians were left disappointed by its initial debut last month, Bungie has assured fans that version 2.0 is a bona fide challenge. One that seemingly ramps up the difficulty like never before.

Elsewhere in the update, the studio also took time to talk about the small tweaks to some of the in-game Strike missions and, in particular, the ways in which enemies scale depending on the number of players you have in your Fireteam.

“We were looking over the data from Strikes and found that some unintentional damage scaling was occurring based on team size,” said designer James Tsai. “The larger the Fireteam, the more damage an enemy shot would inflict upon its members.

“We made a couple of changes. First, we tuned the damage to be a little easier overall so that we’d see higher survival rates in 3-player fireteams. Then, we normalized these damage values across all group sizes so that players wouldn’t feel that additional Guardians joining their Strike made things harder. Players can now be certain that people joining their team are helping their progress, not hindering it.”

Destiny is due to receive the first of two expansions when The Dark Below arrives across all platforms on December 9th. For more on the upcoming DLC, check out yesterday’s epic cinematic.

Source: Bungie