Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Shows Off Its Atlas Gorge Map


With just one week left to go before Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare hits store shelves, Activision has taken to YouTube to advertise the game’s Atlas Gorge DLC map. A revamp of Call of Duty 4‘s Pipeline environment, it will be available to those who purchase the Limited or Pro editions of the game, or its Season Pass.

Although this is just a brief look at what will be on offer to those who download the map, it’s a fast-paced and solid one. In action, the layout seems pretty exciting, although it doesn’t look like it’ll set the world on fire.

At the end of the trailer, it’s noted that Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will gets its first full map pack sometime in January, as part of its Season Pass. Of course, Microsoft has a timed exclusivity deal in place, which means that said date is likely just for the Xbox versions of the DLC.

Check out the preview above and let us know if you’ll be investing in this DLC.