Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered Gets Free Content To Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day


If you’ve not got much on for St. Patrick’s Day this year, then Activision’s got you covered by way of a suitably themed free content update for all Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered players. From now until April 3, the shooter’s so-called Operation: Shamrock & Awe event brings with it various odds and ends, including a re-skinned version of the game’s Downpour multiplayer map. Replacing the dreary weather of the original, Daybreak, as it’s now called, trades the endless deluge of rain for sunshine, rainbows and a generous helping of “St. Paddy’s decor.”

Free Supply Drops also being doled out on a regular basis, with one awarded each week, although you’ll want to ensure you log in regularly, as they won’t stack up. If you’re looking for something more permanent to commemorate your play time during the period, two new weapon skins – Folium and Prism – are up for grabs, unlockable through the completion of different challenges. Lastly, those that manage to craft all the limited-time reticules, camos, calling cards and emblems on offer before the end date will unlock Graves as a playable character.

It’s always nice to see developers give a little back to the fans with free content updates like these, however small they might be, but I can’t help but think that Operation: Shamrock & Awe’s announcement is going to leave naught but a bitter taste in the mouths of many. Just recently, Activision announced that the Variety Map Pack, an add-on released for the original game, is coming to the remaster this month, but will cost $15. That’s a big ask for content that many players will have already bought once before, not to mention the mandatory purchase of Infinite Warfare that’s required just to access the remaster.

We’ll see what the consensus ends up being when it releases on March 21.

Source: VideoGamer