Call Of Cthulhu Trailer Unravels A Lovecraftian Nightmare


Focus Home Interactive and Cyanide Studio have debuted the latest and suitably creepy trailer for Call Of Cthulhu, the psychological horror title in the works for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

First announced all the way back in 2014, when Sherlock Holmes dev Frogwares was at the helm, Call Of Cthulhu is finally beginning to take shape ahead of its expected release later this year, and the trailer above teases the nightmarish journey that awaits. Players will assume the role of Edward Pierce, a private detective bound for Boston’s Darkwater Island. His mission? To solve the curious case of disappearing bodies and mutilated animals, so it’s little wonder that the game’s new trailer depicts Pierce’s descent into madness.

Cthulhu (AKA the Great Dreamer) is present somewhere on the isle, and H.P. Lovecraft’s iconic deity will begin to have great influence on Pierce’s mind as our protagonist begins to teeter on the brink of insanity. Controlling a crazed and therefore largely unreliable protagonist is something horror fans experienced recently in Frictional Games’ excellent SOMA, but can Call Of Cthulhu stand alongside its genre peers?

Promising mystery, stealth mechanics, and a smattering of RPG elements, here’s the official blurb:

A Private Detective, Edward Pierce is a mission to find the truth behind the death of an acclaimed artist and her family on a backwater island. Pierce is used to trusting his instincts, but with whale mutilations and disappearing bodies, this is only the beginning as reality becomes skewed. As your investigation leads you closer to the sphere of influence of the Great Dreamer, you will start to doubt everything you see. You will have to find balance between your own sanity, and your determination in finding out what lurks in the shadows – as they say that madness is the only way that can bring you to the truth.

Call of Cthulhu is in development for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Focus Home’s other horror title, Vampyr, is also expected to make its debut later in 2017.