Get Out Of Your Car In Need For Speed: The Run

It was announced today that Need For Speed: The Run will be the first game in the series to allow gamers to step out of their vehicles. During Electronic Arts’ E3 press conference this afternoon, a member of the game’s development team (from BlackBox in Vancouver,) revealed the game changing news. He went on to say that, not only will you be stepping outside of the vehicle, but you’ll also be running like a madman to avoid pursuers, helicopters and other foes with malicious intent.

A live gameplay demo of the title showed the BlackBox representative driving as fast as he could through the beautifully detailed streets of Chicago, until he was t-boned by another vehicle. Dazed and confused, he exited the car as quickly as possible and took off running towards a near-by rooftop terrace. A chase ensued, where the player used some button commands to perform jumps from building top to adjoining building top, as he ran from a helicopter’s gunfire. The on-foot section ended with a hand-to-hand fight with a police offer, and our main character stealing the patrolman’s cruiser.

Using the Frostbite 2 engine (which is also being used for Battlefield 3,) the game looks absolutely stunning. It’s fast-paced, chaotic and has some of the best looking and most detailed city environment I’ve seen in any racing game. It was great to see an elevated train drive by overhead and to also watch as the driver flew through sewer grates’ steam clouds.

Look for Need For Speed: The Run sometime in the future, and take to the streets in an effort to make it from coast to coast without losing your life.

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