New Characters Revealed For Street Fighter X Tekken, Pac-Man And Mega Man Teased

A handful of new characters have been announced for Street Fighter X Tekken this morning, meaning there are six more chances that your favorite Street Fighter and/or Tekken character has now been confirmed.

On the Street Fighter side of things, we see Balrog, Vega and Juri. In the Tekken corner we’ve got Law, Paul and Xiaoyu (who we already knew was coming anyway.)

We’ve got a gameplay trailer below showing off the newly announced characters, but perhaps the most interesting part of the trailer is at the very end, when the Vita version gets a short mention.

A pair of silhouettes are shown in the last few seconds of the trailer. One is clrealy Pac-Man (makes sense, given that Pac-Man is the mascot of Namco, who makes Tekken,) and the other one is what appears to be some sort of Mega Man.

I guess we’ll find out with the game hits consoles on March 6. Vita and PC versions are scheduled between now and the end of time.

What say you, gamers? Has your favorite fighter been confirmed yet?

Sorry, the video is currently unavailable.