Check Out Tank Hero Riktor In The Latest Paragon Trailer


Epic Games’ upcoming MOBA Paragon has yet another new hero to get excited about, as Riktor makes his powerful debut in the latest character trailer. Riktor is a hero in the Tank class, and looks set to rain all kinds of hell down on anyone foolish enough to stand in his way.

Entering the battle with a hulking frame and impressive stature, Riktor will certainly bring a major intimidation factor to your enemies in Paragon. Armed with extendable chains that appear to be powered by a mystical energy that emanates from his chest, he’s able to strike his foes from a distance and render them helpless as they try to dash for an escape.

Riktor can also call on even more of these weaponized chains if he finds himself in a tight spot, and the trailer showcases a devastating attack that fries multiple enemies at one time. Return attacks seem to do limited damage during this time as well, making the tank a definite powerhouse in the game’s roster.

Players can take control of Riktor from May 31 as Paragon continues its Early Access period into next month. Anyone who signed up for the upcoming beta weekend will also be able to grab a day of action with Riktor, with the beta period due to run from today through to Monday, May 31.