Check Out The PC Exclusive Features In Rise Of The Tomb Raider


A new video from Crystal Dynamics is giving fans an in-depth look at the technology behind the performance of Rise Of The Tomb Raider for PC. The tech feature video, which you can see above, goes into great detail in describing how the developer expects the upcoming PC version of Rise Of The Tomb Raider to be the best looking Tomb Raider game to date.

Firstly, it explains how the use of Nvidia’s HBAO+ ambient lighting techniques will provide better ambient lighting and help the game benefit from “faster, more efficient and significantly more effective rendering,” leaving the transitions between indoor and outdoor sequences looking spectacularly realistic.


Surfaces in Rise Of The Tomb Raider will also look great on PC thanks to anisotropic filtering and hardware tessellation, both of which mean that levels and details will look better when viewed at an angle and will ensure that uneven surfaces and textures will be more realistically pronounced.

Finally, the inclusion of “dynamic foliage” will supposedly enhance the feel of the game as trees and bushes react more faithfully to the effects of weather and to Lara’s own movements in the game. While this is great for more predictable hiding spots, it could be a hinderance as well if the realistic movements help the enemy AI spot you from a distance.

PC players can finally get their hands on Rise Of The Tomb Raider from January 28th and, if this latest feature is to be believed, they could be in for one heck of a gorgeous game.

Source: Games Press

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