The Coalition Is Aware Of Gears Of War: Ultimate Edition Bugs; Intends To Fix Them ‘As Quickly As Possible’


Several bugs have been spotted by Gears Of War: Ultimate Edition players since release, namely with the Gnasher shotgun. Following footage posted on Reddit by someone showing what appears to be damage detection issues when using the Gnasher, The Coalition responded on Twitter with the following statement.

We’ve been actively working on improving the consistency of the Gnasher based on fan feedback in an upcoming patch for Ultimate Edition. Keep an eye on @CoalitionGears and @GearsofWar on Twitter for updates, and we’ll be sure to swing by with more information once we get close to the release of the patch.

Additionally, TC Octus – community manager for The Coalition – further recognized several other bugs that have been plaguing players in both online and solo play, and they’re as follows:

The scoreboard in spectator mode, the L-trigger delay to shoot bug, the instant roadie run after being revived bug, some crash bugs, and a number of other hot issues.

The developer hasn’t set a firm date for when players can expect the bug fixes to roll out, only that it aims to release a patch “as quickly as possible.” Let’s hope it’s sooner rather than later.

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Source: VideoGamer