Pre-Ordering Dark Souls III For Xbox One Gets You A Free Copy Of The First Game


The first Dark Souls is coming to Xbox One backwards compatibility as part of a pre-order bonus for Dark Souls III, as pre-ordering Dark Souls III for Microsoft’s console will get you first in FromSoftware’s series completely free.

The news marks the first time Dark Souls will be playable on the current generation of consoles, and while the port might not be the HD update (with the horrid frame rate fixed, curse you, Blighttown) many have been hoping for, it’s something, at least.

Anyway, head over to the Xbox Store and pre-order Dark Souls III to take advantage of the promotion, which states that codes to download the first game will be sent out to buyers within 7 to 10 days. Be mindful, however, that physical copies of Dark Souls are still unable to be played on the Xbox One. When this will change – if at all – has yet to be announced.

The promotion was first spotted on the Australian Xbox Store yesterday, but was promptly taken down. Details surrounding planned DLC for Dark Souls III also surfaced with the leak, including a season pass that includes new enemies, areas and weapons.

You can’t purchase the season pass just yet, but expect to see it around the same time of the game’s release.

Dark Souls III‘s nightmare-inducing adventure hits PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on April 12. Japan however, gets it two weeks earlier on March 24.

Source: Polygon

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