Dauntless Is A New Co-Op RPG From Former Blizzard And BioWare Members


You may not know who Phoenix Labs are yet, but you soon will. Founded in 2014 by former employees of BioWare, Blizzard, Capcom and Rio, the studio unveiled their first project during tonight’s Game Awards – Dauntless.

Borrowing elements from games such as Diablo and Monster Hunter, Dauntless is a co-operative fantasy RPG. Up to four slayers will team up in order to take down massive creatures known as Behemoths. As you hunt down these monsters, you’ll be able to craft your own gear and weapons. In the debut cinematic trailer seen above, we watch as four unique hunters come together in order to fight off a giant winged foe.

Outside of those limited details, though, not much is known about the free-to-play adventure at this moment. However, the gorgeous artstyle the game possesses, as well as the pedigree of talent working behind the scenes, make it a title worth keeping an eye on.

Dauntless is scheduled to launch exclusively on Windows PC sometime next year.