Dead Rising 4 Will Allow Players To Modify Their Bodies


Although fan favorite protagonist Frank West will be returning in Dead Rising 4, players will given the ability to modify their bodies. Over its previous installments, Capcom’s other zombie game has gradually introduced new mechanics to allow gamers to tailor their weapons and vehicles to better suit their playstyle. As such, allowing for body modifications seems a natural evolution for the series.

Although Joe Nickolls, the executive producer of the game, did not get into many specifics, he did unveil an exo-suit this week at E3. On its own, the suit provides boosts to melee attacks and armor, but that’s just the beginning. In the full game it will serve as a creative jumping point for players to experiment with various mods, ensuring they’re adequately equipped to face down even the largest zombie hordes.

The series has never been a story driven game, but rather a tongue-in-cheek playground for players to live out their sillier zombie fantasies. And so, elements like this exo-suit are fantastic additions to make sure that the craziness continues to escalate. Given the series’ reputation for unfiltered wackiness, we can expect the abilities of the suits to be greatly expanded come launch.

Dead Rising 4 is scheduled for release in time for the 2016 holiday season.