We Got This Covered’s Deals Of The Day: Dead Space 3, Call Of Duty: Black Ops II And Tomb Raider


Welcome to We Got This Covered’s Deals of the Day. In this brand new column, we’ll be scouring the web in order to bring you hot deals on Blu-Rays and video games. Today, we’ve found three great video game deals that we wanted to bring to your attention. Check them out below.

Dead Space 3

At $39.99, Dead Space 3 is 33% off on Amazon this week. This is easily the best deal on this list and if you can only pick up one of these titles, this is the one to get.

Offering up more terrifying thrills and chills, the third game in the critically acclaimed series features co-op this time around, along with a new cover system and evolved Necromorph enemies who are all too eager to rip you apart, limb by limb.

Like its predecessors, Dead Space 3 is a fantastic game and offers up one of the best single player campaigns that you’ll find in any game released this year, thus far. It’s a must have and if you’re brave enough, we suggest that you pick it up right away.


Call of Duty: Black Ops II

If you’re a gamer, we’re going to assume that you have this one by now. After all, it’s one of the best selling games of all time and has been out for quite a while. For those that haven’t picked up Call of Duty: Black Ops II though, Amazon is has the game on sale this week for 33% off, meaning you can pick it up for just $39.99.

Considering the game has a thrilling single player campaign that is truly a roller-coaster ride, and online modes that will keep you busy for months, if not years, this is definitely a hard deal to pass up. Besides, it’s Call of Duty, how can you not own this game? Doesn’t everyone?


Tomb Raider

Amazon has Tomb Raider marked down 23% this week, making the price $45.99. Though it’s not the cheapest deal you’ll find, it’s still not a bad price for a brand new AAA title that is barely a month old. Critics are unanimously praising it as not only the best game in the series but also as one of 2013’s must have titles, and with good reason.

Lara Croft is back, and seriously better than ever. This reboot, which serves as an origin story, gets just about everything right and is easily one of the best gaming experiences that we’ve had in some time. Tomb Raider fan or not, we’ll say that this one is a must own.


So, which games will you be picking up, if any? Let us know in the comments below.

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