Death Is A Necessary Evil In Life Goes On, Now Available On Steam


In most games, death is something you would typically want to avoid. It usually forces you to have to repeat large chunks of levels and in some cases, forces you to restart from scratch entirely. In Infinite Monkeys Entertainment’s Life Goes On, however, death is just a mere stepping stone to the next area.

Taking place in medieval times, Life Goes On is a comically morbid adventure about a group of knights on the search for the Cup Of Life. The road to the cup, however, is filled with danger and in order to successfully navigate the spiked pits and sawblades littering the way, sacrifices must be made. Impaled corpses make it easier to cross pits, while stiff bodies can be used to trigger switches. Having to off your own men in order to advance is made all the more difficult due to the fact that each individual knight has his own name. This would all seem quite depressing if it wasn’t so darkly humorous.

With over 50 levels set across three unique worlds, Life Goes On may just change the way you view death in gaming. Speed-run times, death minimum challenges, achievements and secrets scattered about each level should keep most interested after the Cup Of Life is claimed.

Life Goes On is now available on Steam for Windows PC, Mac and Linux platforms. Are you interested in Infinite Monkeys Entertainment’s debut game? Sound off below!

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