6 Tips To Help You Get A Head Start In Destiny 2


After three excruciating years of patient waiting, Guardians the world over finally have a brand new adventure awaiting them in the form of Destiny 2. For both Bungie and its community, the road to realizing that eventuality has been a long – and often times bumpy – one punctuated with delays, stopgaps and promises of a bigger, better and more cohesive universe to explore.

As of writing, we’re but three days into one of the year’s biggest sequels, so it’s impossible to make a definitive conclusion in regards to whether Bungie’s first continuation of its ten-year journey has enough content to last a further three years, but it’s certainly clear as day that Destiny 2, from what I’ve experienced so far, is a worthy successor to the original and one deserving of sequel status.

With it now in the hands of those it was meant for, many of the Travelers chosen have already begun the process of picking up the pieces after Dominus Ghaul’s unforeseen invasion of Earth’s Last City, unearthing hidden troves of treasure in Lost Sectors and gearing up for even greater dangers yet to reveal themselves along the way. To an even greater extent than the original, due to the approach Bungie has opted to take for progression in Destiny 2, the sequel’s campaign (which is infinitely better than its predecessor, by the way) is to be largely considered a jumping off point for returning and fledgling Guardians alike.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a digestible list of tips and pointers to help you reach that destination in a timely manner. There’s certainly no rush to reach endgame, but for those that are perhaps looking for the most direct route there, you’ve come to the right place.

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