Destiny Players Stumble Upon An Unreleased DLC Area On Mars


In the build-up to release, Bungie continuously trumpeted its extensive plans to support Destiny in the months and even years after its debut. But now, almost a full month since launch, we aren’t exactly sure what that content will be; though many assume additional strike missions and new, explorable planets will be the headlining features.

Well, as it happens, the Internet has uncovered a breadcrumb trial of clues that lead to several unreleased areas within the shared-world shooter. Starting with Terminus — an unfinished slice of gameplay due to release in 2015 — one ardent player has stumbled upon an area on The Red Planet itself, Mars.

YouTube user se7ensins has published a video that directs budding Guardians toward the unreleased area, which should then grant access to a strike mission known as “The Hypogeum.” Alas, whereas the Terminus contained a host of Dead Ghost collectibles, this environment in particular is largely empty.

It’s worth keeping in mind that Bungie is yet to confirm or even finish either of the game’s two expansions packs — which encompass The House of Wolves and the aforementioned Dark Below — so the area glimpsed in se7ensins’ footage is subject to change.

Destiny is set to get its first content pack in December, with PlayStation users expected to get an exclusive batch of in-game DLC around the same time. For more on The Dark Below, you can check out the expansion’s official description below:

“An ancient tomb has been unsealed. Beneath the surface of the Moon, a dark god has answered centuries of prayer, and a dark army has risen. Explore the true depths of the Hellmouth. Stop the dark Hive ritual and survive.”


An all-new Hive storyline
New Competitive Multiplayer Maps
New Cooperative Activities
A Wealth of New Weapons, Ships, Armor & Gear to earn (including all-new Rares and Exotics)
New Grimoire Cards and Dead Ghosts to collect
New Story and Cooperative Areas to explore