Detailes Leak On Bungie’s Halo Follow-Up Destiny

Bungie may be done with the Halo universe, but that doesn’t mean that they’re finished with gaming altogether. Though they won’t be returning to the world of Master Chief anytime soon, or at all, they are working on a Halo follow-up titled Destiny.  As expected, the project is shrouded in secrecy but as Destructoid reports, we may have a few more details to go on thanks to an internal leak.

Apparently, the game will feature “co-op, a large world divided into zones, a lot of character customization, and aliens you can fire guns at.” The leak comes from a Demonware employee who does work on some of Activision’s games, particularly, the online infrastructure sections.

Check out the full report below.

This is not a dedicated server game, but there is some simulation and coordination running in their server infrastructure. The game was up and down a lot, playing in a team of 3 we did manage to experience entering a zone to find other players already taking on the bad guys, it’s cooperative so we helped out (mostly [name removed], I just died) before both groups went their separate ways. Which is a pretty cool experience, making you feel you are part of a much larger populated world.

…At the end of the day I was excited about the game, I like the feel of being in a large world with different destinations and the interactions along the way. It actually brought back a sense of exploration I recall from playing [Elite] many years ago, although there was no opportunity to shoot aliens in the face in Elite. I’m not fully sold on the appeal of being able to change the colour of a weapon, but I guess it works in China, and customization and individual identity is a big theme for the game.

To me, that sounds pretty exciting. I really like how he mentions that there is a sense of exploration and that you feel like you’re part of a “larger populated world,” as those were two things that I never really felt with the Halo series and that I always thought would have added a lot to the game. From the sound of things, it seems like we’ll be getting something similar to Halo but just in a sandbox, rather than in a confined, linear FPS world.

What do you think? Are you looking forward to what sounds like Halo in a sandbox? Does the open, populated world aspect appeal to you? Are you looking forward to Destiny?

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