DmC Already Has DLC

Oh, Capcom. You aren’t helping yourself with announcements like this. The most controversial DLC publishers have announced this morning a new DLC episode for DmC, a game that’s not being released until January, in which you’re able to play as Dante’s brother, Vergil.

Vergil’s Downfall will be made available via Xbox Live and PSN (no word in the press release of the PC version of the game,) and will allow players to play as Vergil in his own story bit. The DLC will include new weapons, enemies, combos and locations.

To be fair, the content will be provided at no charge for those who pick up their games at GameStop. Anyone shopping at other retailers will be able to pick up the chapter on their preferred digital marketplace for $8.99 or 720 MSP.

Also, here’s the trailer.

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