Dungeon Defenders Unleashes New DLC And Announces Beta For Mac Users

It seems that Trendy Entertainment is unable to take a break. With Dungeon Defenders recently hitting over 1 million downloads, the studio has let loose with two massive stories today.

First, the Presidents Day Battle Royale is officially a thing, and like most of the other Dungeon Defenders DLC packs, it’s free for a limited time on Steam. What better way to honor the leaders of our nation than character skins featuring Barack and Michelle Obama, Mitt Romney and George Washington? Act now and you’ll also nab some boxing gloves for the Squire and Monk as well as the Democrat Donkey and Republican Elephant pets. Politics has never earned such a manly squeal.

If that’s not enough good news for you, Trendy has also started accepting applications for the beta test of the Mac version. If you’re willing to throw your hat into the ring, email [email protected] with your name, system specs and your play history with Dungeon Defenders. For those of you not lucky enough to get in, we’ve been told to expect the full release for the Mac on March 8th.

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