Dying Light: The Following Wants You To Soak The Countryside In Oil And Blood


As the release of Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition draws ever closer, Techland are continuing to up the ante with new trailers and features. Yet another preview has debuted today, and it shows of the enhancements that this latest version of the game will bring to the multiplayer Be the Zombie mode.

Dying Light‘s Be the Zombie mode is a 4v1 PVP mode that pits one Hunter player against four Survivors as each looks to emerge victorious. In Dying Light: The Following, this mode has been revamped with weaponized buggies and brand new Hunter abilities to allow for new tactical moves and to increase the brutality of each game.

Dying Light‘s producer Tymon Smektała explained how the expansion would alter the 4v1 experience in a press release with the new trailer:

Be the Zombie plays much different in the expansion not only because of buggies and the new environment, but also because of various balance tweaks we made to the Night Hunter. Altogether it translates into a new experience that will surprise even veteran Be the Zombie players.

Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition is available from February 9th.

Source: Techland

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