Fan artist shares intimidating illustrations of potential Pokémon Fusions

Credit: u/Leoiruga

Fusing in Pokémon isn’t new. However, it is rare as the only time it was showcased was back in Pokémon Black and White 2 when Zekrom or Reshiram could be fused with Kyurem.

But what if more Pokémon could fuse with each other? What if that is the new battle gimmick in future Pokémon games? Well, one Reddit user thought of that and created these intimidating illustrations of Pokémon fusions that will blow you away.

Fan artist u/Leoiruga shared on r/Pokemon various illustrations of Pokémon fusions they’ve created. The artist chose two random Pokémon and transformed them into an intimidating beast. The fusions ranged from starters to legendary Pokémon and are not limited to any type or origin region.

Reddit users were blown away by the illustrations to the point where a few gave them name suggestions so they have easier and simpler labels.

And while all of these fusions were stunning, fans pointed out their favorites out of the 17 that were shared online.

As a few fans began to wish that these Pokémon would be included in the games at some point, they also hoped that Game Freak would hire OP to be part of the Pokémon design team.

Leoiruga also shared their art on Instagram with more than 22k followers. The Brazilian artist is known to create fan drawings of Pokémon that aren’t at all limited to fusions, fake-mon, and new/alternate forms of existing Pokémon. If you want to see more of their work, they are found on his Instagram and Reddit pages.