Fans Choose Press Play’s Next Title, Project: Knoxville


As a result of a development initiative set up by Danish developer Press Play, Project: Knoxville has been announced as their next title to be released. The game was chosen by fans from a trio of concept pitches from the developer, who’s best known for 2013’s Max: The Curse Of Brotherhood.

In an announcement on the official Xbox news wire, it was revealed that the Danish studio are currently working on crafting their running prototype into a sharable state. The accompanying trailer – as found above – was also unveiled, but in truth, it gives absolutely no information about what to expect from the game.

What we do know, however, is what Press Play revealed about the title within its concept brief for the development initiative. Project: Knoxville will apparently be a third-person, multiplayer action game that will deal with “fragile alliances and survival in a game-show setting.” It’s an intriguing concept for a game that is apparently inspired by dystopian tales such as The Hunger Games, and that will see players have to regularly work with and against one another.

Project: Knoxville currently has no release date, but we’ll keep you posted once we hear more.