Sony Fans Notice Super Cool PlayStation 5 Detail That Everyone Missed

PlayStation 5

With Sony’s Future of Gaming stream and PlayStation 5 reveal now in the rear view mirror, we’ve had a ton of interesting news to mull over before the system’s much anticipated arrival later this year. While we’ve learned a few new tidbits about the upcoming console’s boot up sequence, potential price and physical size, there’s some lesser-known intel that’s been making the rounds that may put a smile on your face – especially if you’re a longtime fan of the Japanese giant’s previous consoles.

Specifically, some fans have noticed that the textured part of the DualSense grip, as well as some of the system’s official accessories, aren’t just simply random dots or bumps, but instead are made up of lots of tiny PlayStation symbols: squares, triangles, circles, and Xs. Super cute, right?

Obviously, for those who are familiar with PlayStation consoles, these iconic symbols have been a mainstay for the system’s design since Sony debuted its first home console way back in 1995. In fact, much of the Japanese giant’s marketing often features these very same motifs, so it makes sense for the company to put them front and center in the PS5’s DualSense controller.

You can check out some close-up pics of the PlayStation-themed textures down below to see for yourself:

Clearly, a lot of care and attention has been poured into every aspect of the PS5’s overall design, and this little tidbit is just the icing on the cake. In other words, the PS5’s premium look and glossy finish may well be one of the console’s unique selling points, especially when you compare it with the Xbox Series X‘s more conservative design philosophy.

But tell us, how do you feel about the PlayStation 5 controller’s snazzy textured grips? Do you think they’re classy? Or do you think they’re just a little bit tacky? Let us know in the usual place down below.