New Fighters For Pokken Tournament Leaked Through CoroCoro Scans



New fighters have been confirmed for Wii U Pokemon brawler Pokken Tournament thanks to leaked images from early scans of CoroCoro magazine. Scans of the magazine have become famous over the years for early reveals concerning new Pokemon games, and its clear now that Pokken Tournament will prove to be no exception to this.

The new fighters include the mystic fire fox Braixen, the deadly dragon Garchomp and the classic version of the legendary Mewtwo. The latter of these is particularly interesting, as it had already previously been confirmed that a fighter known as Shadow Mewtwo would be appearing in the brawler as well.

As well as confirming their appearance in the game, the translated scans also reveal details about the fighters’ styles. Braixen looks set to be a ranged fighter with fiery attacks, while Garchomp is going to be a more physically imposing opponent. Garchomp’s Mega-Evolution is also shown in screenshots in the scans.

You can see the full page scans below, courtesy of SerebiiPokken Tournament is due to be released for the Wii U in Japan on March 18th, and will be followed by releases for other regions during the Spring.


Source: Gamespot

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