Final Fantasy XV Continues To Impress With Stunning Screenshots



Following up on the recent, extensive gameplay demo for Square Enix’s RPG sequel, Final Fantasy XV is a collection of screenshots pulled from the upcoming Episode Duscae demo of the game.

Due to become available to those who pre-ordered Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, fans of the esteemed series will be able to get their hands on a early build of the hotly-anticipated title on March 17. Until then, though, the publisher hopes to sate your appetite with the rather gorgeous screenshots below.

We’ve been dazzled by Final Fantasy XV before, particularly after it was rebranded from the long-gestating Versus XIII, but these new-fangled images only offer up more evidence that Square’s title — should it be released before the year’s end — is shaping up to be one of the most visually astute games of 2015. Taking place across one gigantic, interconnected landmass, the RPG will place a heavy emphasis on exploration, and you’ll have to stop at regular intervals to ensure your party gets enough rest.

What brings this adventure to life, though, is XV‘s new mechanics, including the likes of the day/night system and new approach to real-time combat. From what we’ve seen so far, Square looks to have taken complaints of linearity on board, and is hoping to bestow the player with a tangible sense of independence like the Final Fantasy games of old.

Those who pre-ordered Final Fantasy Type-0 HD can get access to an early build of Final Fantasy XV via the Episode Duscae demo. The remastered port is expected to debut in North America on March 17.

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