Fire Emblem Fates Will Receive Major Story DLC In March



Fire Emblem Fates is now less than a month away from its February 19 North American release, and while the launch experience already sounds massive, with two unique titles set to release simultaneously, Nintendo of America has also dropped a release date for the previously-confirmed third version, which will drop solely as downloadable content rather than a standalone title.

Both of the two standalone games, Birthright and Conquest, will share the same world and cast of characters, but have the customizable lead character side with one of two warring armies early on, leading to different stories, playable characters, and even gameplay mechanics. The third campaign, Revelation, will be made available as an add-on for both versions on March 10, costing $19.99 to download.

The main factor Nintendo has revealed for this version is the fact that the main character will end up siding with neither kingdom. What this will entail for the rest of the cast, as well as the overall plot, remains to be seen.

As far as pricing, individual copies of Birthright and Conquest will cost $40 both physically and digitally, with the option to digitally purchase the other version for $19.99 along with Revelation for the same price in March. Nintendo’s also releasing a special edition for $79.99 that crams all three games onto one 3DS game card, along with a 3DS XL pouch and an artbook. This will apparently be the only way to get access to Revelation before its digital release.

We will continue to post more news on the Fire Emblem series as it develops, so stay tuned.

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