First Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood DLC Will Be Free

Good news for Assassin’s Creed fans everywhere! Ubisoft is giving away some multiplayer gaming goodness completely free of charge, and as this doesn’t happen very often and because Christmas is rapidly approaching, I suddenly feel quite good.

Ubisoft are keeping in role and calling the DLC “Animus Project Update 1.0”, the Animus obviously being the genetic time traveling machine-thing that lets main character Desmond, slip into Ezio’s fashionable boots. The update is going to be available on both console platforms on December 14th and will give you a hardcore version of Alliance mode, with various tweaks to make targeting and tracking more difficult for the true Assassins amongst you.

Multiplayer will also be gifted with an entirely new map called “Mont Saint-Michel”, which is set on a small island near Normandy. The details we have been given on this map only tell us that it will feature a number of climbable layers, but with the potential for a lot more vertical gameplay. It supposedly is designed to feel a bit more claustrophobic than the other maps, and facilitate a more ‘cat and mouse’ match scenario.