Fortnite Announces Release Date For Upcoming Green Arrow Pack


Fortnite‘s new subscription service seems to be going down fairly well. Those that sign up get access to some exclusive skins, cosmetics, V-bucks and the Battle Pass for the current season.

The first pack included the Galaxia skin, along with the Cosmic Llamacorn Pickaxe and Fractured World Back Bling. The next pack, meanwhile, was supposed to be a mystery, but thanks to a mistake over at Epic HQ, we already know exactly what it contains.

That’s because it was accidentally made available to all subscribers earlier this month, before being quickly removed from their accounts. It confirmed the rumors that a new DC character would be making their way to Fortnite, though, as Oliver Queen/Green Arrow, wearing an outfit that looks very similar to the one from the Arrow TV show, will soon be yours. The skin also comes with Tactical Quiver Back Bling and a Boxing Glove Pickaxe.

Earlier this week, Epic announced that the pack will be available to subscribers on December 31st at 7 PM ET. If you’re after some other DC characters, you can also pick up Joker and Poison Ivy in the item store right now. Both come in The Last Laugh bundle with the Midas Rex skin, alternative styles and a large array of accessories.

Beyond that, Fortnite‘s love affair with Marvel comics continues with the Marvel Royalty & Warriors Pack, which includes Black Panther, Captain Marvel and Taskmaster skins along with a whole bunch of appropriate cosmetics. And while some are a bit weary of these licensed skins making their way into the game, I can’t get enough of them.

After all, it’s fun to see at least one place where DC and Marvel heroes can rub shoulders, and I took a perverse delight in wearing a Batman skin all the way through the recent Galactus event. Let’s hope we get some other DC skins soon, too, as there are a ton of cool characters that would fit into Fortnite very nicely.