New Fortnite Cosmetics Let You Pick A Side For The End Event


Nobody is quite sure what’s going to happen just yet, but make no mistake – something big is going down in Fortnite.

The battle royale, which is scheduled to enter its 11th season next week, has been teasing a special event to close out the current season, Out of Time, for a while and the payoff fans have been waiting for is almost here. The in-game countdown being projected on the night’s sky over Battle Island will hit zero on Sunday, October 13th, and developer Epic is encouraging players to get a front-row seat to the potential devastation that will unfold.

Right now, the running theory among data miners and leakers is that, due to the actions (intentional or otherwise, who knows?) of Fortnite‘s mysterious Visitor, Battle Island will cease to be, prompting a mass migration of survivors to a brand new map. Whether such events come to pass, we’ll ultimately know for sure in less than 48 hours but almost certainly confirmed to play an integral role in the shooter’s upcoming The End event is the Visitor himself and it looks like attendees will be asked to pick a side.

Two new emotes, one showing support for the Visitor; the other calling for his departure, are now available for purchase, and you can check them out below.

It’s worth noting, of course, that brandishing either banner is unlikely to have any effect on the outcome of Season X’s conclusion, but it’s always nice to have your voice heard, right?

And so, all that’s really left to do now is wait for events to unfold. If you’re a returning player to Fortnite or are simply unaware of the current goings-on in-game, you can read all about everything we know so far about The End by heading over here.

Source: Twitter