Fortnite Season 11: The End Event Start Times, Rumors, Leaks And More


Potentially game-changing events are about to unfold in Fortnite, it would seem.

Like clockwork, the battle royale is on the cusp of commencing its tri-monthly change of seasons and will soon wave a fond farewell to Season X: Out of Time. Epic Games has begun its clean-up job of Battle Island early this time around, however, what with eradicating the universally-detested B.R.U.T.E. mech from existence just recently, but the primary changeover has yet to take place. We know, of course, that Season 11 (official name TBA) is due to kick off next week, October 15th, but not before a special event scheduled for this weekend.

All we truly know of the mysterious occasion’s contents, thanks to various leaks and hints from Epic itself, is that it will be called “The End” and involve the launch of a certain Visitor’s rocket into the stratosphere on October 13th. This is where things get really interesting.

According to the findings of data miner SHiinaBR, all players logged in during The End will at some point be teleported to a location outside of Battle Island, heavily suggesting that some form of catastrophic event will obliterate the landmass.

That’s backed up by HYPEX’s discovery of several new location names yet to be found in-game.

Given the quantity of so-far unreleased locations, all evidence points to Season 11 finally being the one to introduce a new map to Fortnite, somewhat explaining Epic’s continued secrecy.

We’ll see what happens over the coming days but if Apex Legends‘ introduction of a new map in its own seasonal refresh has taught us anything, it’s that nothing drums up hype more than a brand new playground. With improvements to the new player experience in the form of bots and matchmaking changes already confirmed, too, Season 11 is shaping up to be a special one indeed. Stay tuned.