Fortnite Season 9 Release Date And Start Times Revealed

Fortnite Season 8

The most hotly-anticipated event on Fortnite‘s calendar is within reaching distance.

For some time now, Epic Games has been teasing the imminent seasonal refresh headed to the shores of Battle Island, assuredly bringing with it heaps of new cosmetic items and customization options. As always, the majority of these will be tied to Season 9’s associated Battle Pass and challenges, but that’s far from the only new content in-store for players when they hit the login button later this week.

Map changes and overhauls have become synonymous with the arrival of each new season and considering recent events, there’s little reason to believe this latest revitalization will be any different in that regard. The destruction of Tilted Towers, fissures appearing at Polar Peaks and the much-hyped ‘Unvaulting event’ marking the return of a fan favourite weapon are all part of the jigsaw puzzle scheduled to be completed on May 9.

That’s right, just three days stand between you and the changeover and Epic has officially released the first of likely several teasers in lead-up to the big day.

The developer has yet to confirm the exact start times for Season 9’s commencement, though if its patch schedule follows the usual format, here’s when you’ll want to be on the lookout for a new update to download.

  • North America West Coast – 2 am
  • North America East Coast – 5 am
  • United Kingdom – 10 am
  • Australia – 7 pm
  • Europe – 11 am

Do note, however, that as with any large-scale game update, server downtime for Fortnite‘s Season 9 patch could extend well beyond the usual maintenance period set aside for smaller updates, so don’t be surprised if you have to wait an additional hour or two. Regardless, North American fans will have to set their alarm clocks for an early start if they wish to get stuck in from the get-go. Alternatively, you can check back with us later this week for the rundown of everything arriving with Season 9. It’s going to be a doozy.