Is Forza Horizon 2 Speeding Towards A 2014 Release?


If a Facebook post from automotive manufacturer Ultima Sports is to be believed, Microsoft plans to release a new racing game before the end of this year. Rumours have been circling about the subject for a little while now, and speculation pegs the title as being Forza Horizon 2, though nothing has been confirmed by the tech giant.

According to VideoGamer, the aforementioned super car company took to its popular social media page to talk about Microsoft’s interest in one of its vehicles, the conveniently named Ultima. However, it has since been taken down, perhaps at Microsoft’s request. Still, someone managed to copy it before its deletion, so we’re able to show it to you.

“We have also recently agreed a new contract with the Microsoft Corporation to be included in a new video game to be launched later in 2014. The Ultima [one of the firm’s cars] is proving to be very popular and is providing excellent worldwide publicity and recognition for our marque.”

This post has been gaining traction in conjunction with a previous comment from Playground Games’ studio director, Andrew Raeburn, who said that his company has been “working on an exciting, unannounced project for Xbox One”, as well as LinkedIn profiles that have mentioned an “unannounced Forza title.” So, here’s hoping.

Honestly, though this may sound sacreligious to the series’ most devoted fans, Forza Horizon is easily my favourite series release thus far. As such, I’d love to be able to speed and drift through Forza Horizon 2 on the Xbox One.

We’ll keep you posted when we hear more.