Forza Horizon 2 Won’t Be The Same On Xbox One And 360

forzahorizon2two (1)_2

If you’re wanting the full Forza Horizon 2 experience, then you’ll want to do more than simply play through its lead Xbox One version. According to those in charge, the game will share similarities with its last-gen, Xbox 360-based peer, but the two will differ in various ways.

While speaking to Digital Spy, Playground Games’ Ralph Fulton revealed that, while the two games are based around the same themes, they will certainly not be identical:

“It’s based in the same world, it’s based on the same themes,” Fulton said. “Rather than thinking of them as the same game on different platforms, they are different games inspired by the same ideas.”

This news doesn’t come as a surprise, because when you have two separate developers working on different versions of the same game, there are likely to be differences. While the Playground Games-developed Xbox One iteration will employ things like dynamic weather, extra-intelligent Driveatars and full, 1080p resolution, the Xbox 360’s limited power will prevent developer Sumo Games from being able to do the same. For that reason alone, differences are bound to exist. Granted, it sounds like the titles’ variances will exceed the obvious and expected.

As a huge Forza Horizon fan, I’m admittedly excited by this news. Instead of having just one sequel to look forward to, I now have two versions of Forza Horizon 2 to anticipate between now and the end of September. Here’s hoping both will end up being great.