Freedom Planet 2 Debuts Lilac Trailer, Demo Coming Soon


Indie fans, rejoice: not only has Freedom Planet 2 got a new trailer, but the chance to play it is just around the corner. Developer GalaxyTrail tweeted that a demo, subtitled “Sample Version,” will be available at the “end of January” and will let players try every single one of the playable characters. Lilac, known as the “dragon girl,” is given the spotlight in the game’s video preview — showcasing its continued similarities to the Sonic franchise, as well as some of its important new differences.

The original Freedom Planet charmed players looking for an old-school Sonic adventure when it released in 2014 — since many fans feel the Blue Blur has lost his way, it’s not much of a surprise that they’d find appeal in a fangame-turned-original project based on his Genesis outings. Last year, John Fleury reviewed the game for us, calling it “one of the best indie releases on the Wii U in some time,” citing its excellent level design and unique graphics and sound.

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Due to the first game’s success, GalaxyTrail announced a year ago that they’re working on Freedom Planet 2 for PC and Nintendo platforms, with the goal of “defin[ing] Freedom Planet’s identity as a franchise.” With Sonic Mania taking up the “classic Sonic” mantle that the original Freedom Planet used as its hook, perhaps it’s not such a bad idea for the series to start going its own way.

Tell us, are you impressed with the new trailer for Freedom Planet 2? If so, will you be playing the Sample Version when it launches next month? Let us know in the comments section down below!