Is This What Fulgore Will Look Like In Killer Instinct?

killer instinct fulgore concept

A post over at the official Double Helix forums may have given gamers a first glimpse at the returning Fulgore in Killer Instinct. The robot assassin was a popular figure in the original series and will be coming to the Xbox One reboot in 2014.

Fulgore was originally revealed to be in the game when the Killer Instinct: Pin Ultimate Edition image leaked earlier this month. Double Helix would then go on to confirm the character’s appearance with last week’s launch trailer. These images, apparently taken from the title’s artbook, are the first time we get to catch a glimpse of the character though.

Considering that there are only six fighters currently available for the game, any additional characters are more than welcome. We have Spinal coming in January, who has already been revealed, and now we have Fulgore coming at some point in 2014.

Although this design looks pretty similar to how the character has always looked, I do like some of the new touches they added. Fulgore looks a little more robotic here than he did before and he retains his defining features from his old design. He’s still rocking that inexplicable ponytail and the armblades look as menacing as ever. All in all, I dig it.

We will continue to have coverage of Killer Instinct and its downloadable characters in the coming months. For now though, tell us, do you approve of this Fulgore design? Or were you hoping for something a bit more radical? Let us know in the comments section below.