Here’s What Grand Theft Auto 6’s Massive World And Map May Look Like


Wholly unsurprisingly, there’s a storm of hype and excitement brewing over Grand Theft Auto 6. The sought after sequel, which has yet to even be officially acknowledged as in development, has been the subject of unbelievably wild rumors over the last several months, leaving many to believe that an announcement, at the very least, is imminent. But then again, how much chance is there really, of Rockstar committing to such so ‘soon’ after the launch of predecessor Grand Theft Auto V?

Lest we forget, the developer is infamous for taking its time with each and every title, a commendable trait that fans were reminded of just last year with the release of Red Dead Redemption 2. The gap between it and its predecessor stretched to an eye-watering nine years, so is it not the case that we should expect a similar wait period for its sister series? At this point, details are far too thin on the ground to speculate either way, but that hasn’t stopped some fans from putting their own wild ideas to paper.

One such recent example discovered by Dexerto depicts a mock-up of what the sequel’s map could look like and boy, is it a treat for the eyes.

It’s unlikely that this is at all indicative of what the actual map for GTA 6 will look like, but previous rumours have many inclined to believe that several locations from the series’ past – Los Santos, Liberty City, etc. – will return and be combined into one gigantic map similarly to that depicted above. Should such a wide-reaching playspace be given to players, it would allow Rockstar to potentially bring together cast members from the past for a nostalgic reunion.

Is the developer truly primed and ready to unveil Grand Theft Auto 6 to the world at this year’s E3 as the rumors suggest, though? It’s a reach to think so, given Rockstar’s past relationship (or lack thereof) with the event, but hey, anything’s possible. Keep those fingers firmly crossed.

Source: Dexerto