Grand Theft Auto 6 Trends Online Following The Super Bowl

Grand Theft Auto 6

Despite it offering absolutely no indication whatsoever that Grand Theft Auto 6 news was on the way, Rockstar’s (still) unconfirmed sequel has been trending like crazy on social media over the last 72 hours.

Why, you ask? Well, we’re not entirely sure, and neither is anyone else, but the source appears to be Super Bowl LV. This year’s sporting event – which saw the Tampa Bay Buccaneers triumph over the Kansas City Chiefs to be crowned king of the 2020 NFL season – had become something of a beacon of hope for fans as the venue for a sequel reveal due to the presence, last year, of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City during the halftime show. This, however, was simply as a nod to Super Bowl LIV taking place in Miami Gardens, Florida, on which Vice City is based.

Despite that, however, many had high expectations going into the weekend, to the extent that GTA 6 found itself becoming a hot topic on Twitter. The lack of an announcement, however, has left folks confused over the increased radio chatter, as you can see below.

Yet another swing and a miss, then, though truth be told, there was little chance of Rockstar ever deciding to pull back the curtain on its next entry in the acclaimed sandbox series this way. Traditionally, the studio has decided to do its own thing with pre-release hype and certainly has no need of a platform such as the Super Bowl to get the word out.

Unfortunately, that also means that we’re still no closer to finding out when the first official details on Grand Theft Auto 6 will arrive. Last we heard, the title had only recently entered full production which, if true, means there’s still a lengthy wait ahead. Stay tuned for further developments.