Grand Theft Auto Online File Patches Multiple Single-Player Issues

grand theft auto v khamelion

Though the online component launched yesterday to a bevy of teething problems, Rockstar also incorporated a series of fixes into Grand Theft Auto V’s recent title update to rectify a host of single-player problems. We understood from experience that parking cars in garages would result in some annoying glitches, with cars disappearing completely. However, the studio has assured that the following issues have been corrected:

• Fix for interface issues when using Internet on the cell phone after completing the game, or during a mission replay
• Fix for the Vanilla Unicorn occasionally becoming locked
• Fix for issues where the character’s money could drop below zero and become stuck there
• Fix for the Epsilon Program missions not progressing properly after delivering some cars
• Fix for issue where the Atomic Blimp sometimes does not appear as a phone contact for Collector’s Edition owners
• Fix for issues with saved vehicles going missing, or losing their upgrades
• Fixes for several map escape and collision issues along with other various bug fixes

As Grand Theft Auto Online continues to experience server problems, Rockstar is also investigating reports of players encountering corrupt single-player save files as a direct result of downloading the online patch. Given the game’s trailblazing success, though, these initial problems were to be expected – heck, even Blizzard struggled with Diablo III’s launch in 2012. However, in terms of Grand Theft Auto V, Rockstar has published a list of technical issues on the online support page, which charts the status of the game’s online component.

Ultimately, with the ongoing connection issues it’d be best to let Rockstar stabilise the online section of Grand Theft Auto V before jumping in for some multiplayer shenanigans of your own. Tell us, have you experienced problems with the game’s online segment? If so, be sure to leave your thoughts and impressions in the comments below.

Source: Rockstar