Heroes Of The Storm Wants You To Be A Founder



Blizzard has officially introduced a digital Founder’s Pack for Heroes of the Storm, with the intention of helping new players gain access to the Nexus and embark on their journey towards domination in one of the newest PC MOBAs.

Oh, excuse me. Blizzard wants you to know that it’s a team brawler, not a MOBA. Get it right people, c’mon.

The $39.99 Founder’s Pack includes access to the playable Heroes: Raynor, Diablo, and Tyrande. All three of these unique warriors will be paired with a unique skin to provide players a slight amount of variety for their sense of style.

If that isn’t enough, the Golden Cyber Wolf mount will also be unlocked, adding speed and a new way to eliminate any rivals standing in one’s way.


The most important element of the pack includes immediate access to the closed beta. After jumping into the game and enjoying a few rounds, players will also be able to spend the pack’s 2,500 in-game gold to unlock new heroes, or a range of other content to extend their experience.

The Heroes of the Storm Founder’s Pack is currently available for purchase directly from your Battle.net desktop app, or the Battle.net Shop.

Dropping $39.99 on a game that’s still in Closed Beta may not be your prerogative, and that is perfectly fine, but Blizzard reassures players that they are continuing to enlist new recruits for the Nexus at an accelerated pace.

To ensure that you have a chance to join in on Heroes of the Storm without having to drop some hefty change, be sure to opt in to the beta through the Battle.net Account Management Beta Profile.

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