Hilarious Apex Legends Glitch Gives You Unlimited Flight


When it comes to video games and online titles in particular, you’re always going to encounter bugs and glitches. There’s just no avoiding it, and it seems that Respawn’s new battle royale shooter, Apex Legends, is no exception that.

Seeing as the game’s been out on the market for about a month now, a number of amusing bugs have already reared their head and one of the funnier ones comes from Twitch streamer Dizzy, who’s discovered that there’s an exploit in Apex that allows you to fly for an unlimited amount of time.

From what we understand, it’s not too hard to recreate this particular glitch (don’t ask us how, though) but be warned that doing so can get you banned. Not only that, but we imagine that Respawn is already well aware of it and will likely patch it in no time at all – if they haven’t done so already.

As we said above, this is far from the first significant glitch to surface from Apex Legends and it surely won’t be the last. So far, though, at least, the developer’s done an excellent job in supporting the game post-launch, with several patches already having been deployed. And then there’s the first season of content to look forward to.

It’ll apparently kick off at some point this month and may just bring with it a new character in the form of Octane. Respawn’s apparently got new modes and even a few vehicles coming down the pipeline as well, so it’s clear that they intend to support Apex Legends for a while yet. And that can only be good news for those who’ve found themselves getting sucked into the genre’s hottest new title. Which, from the recent announcement that it’s now hit 50 million players, is probably a lot of you.

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