Don’t Hold Your Breath For Titanfall 2 At E3

Titanfall featured img

Those who have penciled in a Titanfall 2 announcement in their yearly E3 predictions may want to reshuffle their scorecard, as Respawn Entertainment has ruled out any chance of unveiling the sequel at next month’s annual trade show.

Taking to Twitter, the studio’s own Vince Zampella – who worked under Infinity Ward and Call of Duty prior to forming his own company – answered fan feedback regarding the shooter’s follow-up in one fell swoop.

Admittedly, it makes perfect sense for Respawn to shelve Titanfall 2 for another year at the very least. Though reports have suggested the sequel will release as a multiplatform title as opposed to its predecessor, the studio would have likely announced the property via EA’s presser, which is already jam-packed with the likes of Star Wars Battlefront, the Need for Speed reboot and some as-yet-unknown projects – Mass Effect 4, in all likelihood.

Not only that, Titanfall 2 will represent the tricky second album for the creative team at Respawn. Titanfall may have been praised for implementing a hoard of novel mechanics into a genre running the risk of stagnation, but there’s ample room for improvement, with story, balancing issues and server connection all toplining the list of most-requested fixes.

Taking this into consideration and it’s no wonder that the company has opted to hold Titanfall 2 back until its ready to show off the sequel in its near-final form.

Source: Twitter