Hyrule Warriors Presents Gameplay, NES Zelda Inspired Mode, In New Trailer

hyrule warriors impa

Originally revealed during a recent NicoNico stream, Koei Tecmo’s latest trailer for Hyrule Warriors has since made it to YouTube in full HD. However, its title — that being “Features Trailer” — is a bit confusing, given that it could have just as easily been titled “Lengthy Gameplay Trailer” or something along those lines. I mean, only one secondary mode is shown within, or so it seems.

The majority of the footage is made up of what we’ve seen before; the game’s familiar characters using their special abilities to kick ass against a plethora of unlucky bad guys. However, close to the end, something very interesting appears: a short snippet of gameplay from what looks to be a mini game based on Nintendo’s first Zelda game. How this new mode works, exactly, is up for debate, but it’s certainly piqued our interest.

Hyrule Warriors will hack, slash and annihilate its foes on September 26.