Awesome Fan Edit Imagines What An Iron Man Video Game Could Look Like


Long before the release of Marvel’s Spider-Man, the Powers That Be over at Marvel Games hinted at the possibility of creating a full-blown video game universe with Peter Parker at its core – similar to how the creative minds at Marvel Studios used Iron Man as the MCU’s lynchpin.

It’s still far too soon for Marvel Games and/or Insomniac to detail what’s next, as the Internet is still gushing over Marvel’s Spider-Man and its rich open-world setting. The priority now is the City That Never Sleeps expansion pack, which will shift the focus over to Silver Sable and other major Spidey characters between now and Christmas.

Looking further afield, though, what else can we expect from Marvel Games? Well, a Spider-Man sequel is surely one possible outcome, while the curious minds of Reddit have presented option B: a big-budget Iron Man game built on the same design template that made Marvel’s Spider-Man so successful.

And they’ve even produced a mock-up image to prove it:

Going one step further, the developer behind this hypothetical title could even incorporate RPG elements so that players are able to unlock and indeed upgrade various suits – not unlike how Marvel’s Spider-Man encourages you to explore Insomniac’s version of New York City so that you can spend those precious collectibles on new armor and abilities.

It’s certainly an enticing prospect, but we should stress that Square Enix is currently hard at work on The Avengers Project, which is expected to feature Iron Man and other key members of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, so Marvel Games may want to avoid a conflict of interests.

Either way, Marvel’s Spider-Man is available exclusively on PS4, and if you’re still in need of a little convincing, look no further than our four-star review.

Source: Reddit