It Looks Like A Legend Of Zelda TCG Is On The Cards


Forget Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh and Magic The Gathering, it looks like there’s soon going to be a new kid on the block to guzzle up your spare cash. A listing on EB Games (via Destructoid) suggests that, come June 30, The Legend Of Zelda Trading Card Game will go on sale, and feature cards themed after several games in the series.


A blurb on the product page reads:

The Legend of Zelda trading cards are here! This brand is incredibly popular right now with best-selling games, books, and more! There are two major game releases this year, including the new HD version of The Twilight Princess in March and an all new game “coming soon”. This stunning set will include images from 5 different games! Look for your favorite characters and icons in high quality trading cards, foil cards, tattoos, decal stickers (Clear and foil-stamped), and tattoos.

Starting from Ocarina Of Time, cards included will feature art paying homage to the likes of A Link Between Worlds, Skyward Sword and Twilight Princess.

See below for the full details:

Cards from 5 Games:

Twilight Princess
Majora’s Mask
A Link Between Worlds
Ocarina of Time
Skyward Sword

Approx. 85 Cards in the Base Set including:

Foil Cards!
23 regular
8 Gold Foil Cards
12 Decal Stickers (1:2 Packs)
9 Tattoos

Both individual packs and a ‘Value Box’ are currently available to pre-order, the latter of which will include a poster and one of three special collectors pins. Nintendo is yet to make any official statement on the product (or whether it has been officially commissioned or produced by them), but expect to hear more soon.

Meanwhile, the next game in The Legend Of Zelda series – still without an official name – is due to release in 2017, and will be the focus of Nintendo’s E3 presence in June.