Ken Levine Explains What Sky-Lines Are In BioShock Infinite

After an impressive showing at E3 from BioShock Infinite, the good folks at Irrational Games have released a video featuring head honcho Ken Levine attempting to explain to gamers what exactly these so called Sky-Lines are. In a nutshell, there a rail-based system that help the player move around and Levine has described them as “a roller coaster, over another roller coaster, over another roller coaster.” You can jump onto, off of, and between the tracks at any time, and you will also face enemies while riding.

Sounds pretty cool and Levine does a good job at clearing it all up. What has me most excited though is the new setting for the game. We’re finally out from under the sea and we get an awesome looking city called Columbia to play around in. It looks gorgeous and wonderfully designed. After a bit of a disapointing outing with BioShock 2, I’m really hoping this one takes the series back to the level we saw with the original BioShock. And the way it’s shaping up now, it just might.

Check out the video below.

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