Kinect Exclusive Crimson Dragon Launches Next Month In Japan

Microsoft has officially announced that the Kinect exclusive title Crimson Dragon will be released in Japan on June 13th for 1,200 Microsoft Points, or $15 in real money.

Crimson Dragon was originally announced in 2010 as “Project Draco“, and was billed as one of Microsoft’s upcoming “core” games for Kinect. The title plays as a rail shooter, similar to Child of Eden, where the player’s dragon moves forward through the levels on its own and the player is tasked with controlling the dragon with their own movements to avoid incoming objects and initiate offensive projectile-based attacks.

A Western release date has still not been announced for Crimson Dragon, but with the game’s Japanese release date set there is a good chance that this is one of the titles that we hear about at E3 next month.

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