Koch Media Confirms Saints Row 4 And Metro: Last Light For This Year


One of the biggest surprises to come out of THQ’s bankruptcy auction last month was that Koch Media (the parent company of Deep Silver) ended up with both the Saints Row and Metro intellectual properties. Speaking to Gamesindustry, the company’s CEO Klemens Kundratitz opened up about the philosophy behind the publisher’s future growth plans and confirmed that both Saints Row 4 and Metro: Last Light will be released this year.

Kundratiz noted that they are aware that the acquisitions have pushed the German-based company into the “spotlight”, but they fully intend not to fall into the business pitfalls that often come with the development of high profile titles.

“Many people didn’t really see us as a player in the industry. They didn’t really understand what we’re doing. I appreciate that we now get more of the spotlight with these new IPs, but, having said that, we are not ambitious to be the next THQ.”

“We have always tried to find our own way, and do business in a way that we believe is right for us. We don’t want to copy other people’s success stories… It’s important that you understand who you are and what you’re capable of doing. Other publishers are very ambitious, but they aspire to grow their businesses in ways that aren’t healthy. That’s a problem of publicly listed companies, which go from quarter to quarter and are pushed into this ambitious way of running their businesses. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always pay off.”

The CEO later stated that he has “no doubt” that both Metro: Last Light and the next Saints Row game (presumably titled Saints Row 4) will launch during this calendar year as THQ had originally planned. He then added that Koch and Deep Silver will be an “ideal fit” for both franchises because of the company’s strength in the European market and its independence that allows for greater creative freedom.

It is certainly good news that both games appear to be on track, however, I’m more excited to see the upcoming non-misleading Metro: Last Light CGI trailer and the Saints Row 4 mutilated female “bust” pre-order incentive.

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