Konami Offering Games To Silent Hill HD Collection Xbox 360 Customers

The Silent Hill HD Collection was, as mentioned in our review, somewhat hindered by dipping framerates and audio syncing inaccuracies. The announcement of a patch to fix such issues was quickly followed by the cancellation of the Xbox 360 version of it resulting, unsurprisingly, in a downpour of far from silent complaints. As recompense, Konami are now offering a free game to those affected by the cancellation, provided they can jump through some suitably horrifying hoops of course.

The following message was posted on the official Silent Hill Facebook page:

“Please send your receipt to Konami Customer Service for verification and further details on how to exchange your product. This offer is only valid for Silent Hill HD Collection (Xbox 360 version) games purchased on or before 08.08.2012. All requests must be made in writing and submitted on or before 10.07.2012 and is subject to availability. Any inquiries received after this date will not fall under this exchange program. This offer valid for purchases made in North and South America.”

The requirement of the receipt and the geographical limitations mean that many customers are ineligible for this game exchange, but it is a rare concession from Konami and one that should at least be acknowledged if not fully appreciated. The Silent Hill HD Collection may not be receiving a patch, but some of its customers will be receiving a parcel and that is almost as good…right?

Source: Destructoid

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