Latest Alien: Isolation Add-On Pack Lost Contact Out Now


Although we scare-mongers have faced a serious drought of good horror games these past few months, we can still fall back on titles like Alien: Isolation when we need to have a good scream every now and then. Thanks to the awesome post-release treatment that Creative Assembly have put together for the title, new challenges for the infinitely replayable Survivor Mode are being unleashed regularly, with the latest pack, titled Lost Contact, coming out today.

Lost Contact finds Axel stranded and cut off from his colleagues, searching for an escape through ten increasingly difficult challenges that will pit him against tough enemies with only a single life. Completing each challenge will grant rewards and new items to craft, making surviving easier while steadily ramping up the difficulty. In a creative twist, points earned by completing challenges can be swapped for a save point at the expense of losing said points and a position on the leaderboards. Is full completion worth sacrificing your bragging rights?

If you’re not entirely convinced to re-enter the Sevastopol station once more, check out the official Let’s Play above for a look at what lies ahead. It also features a few devs getting their butts kicked by their own creation, so it’s nice to know that I’m not the only one who can’t seem to get ten feet without dying.

Tell us, is anybody else still squeezing tons of enjoyment out of Alien: Isolation this far out of its release? Sound off below!

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